March 2016

For one grueling year, Kathy found herself unemployed, having to dip into her savings to support herself. Though in a tight spot, she dreamed of ways she could reach out to others and do good in their lives.

With the love of people as her motivation, she decided it was time to find employment. To this end, Kathy’s first thought was Santa Maria.

With Santa Maria staff cheering her on, Kathy found employment doing exactly what she dreamed of doing- reaching out to others to do good in their lives.

Currently, she is employed as a Community Outreach Coordinator with the Community Police Partnering Center, building connections with people in her community in Price Hill, as well as others throughout Cincinnati. She also was recently elected onto the executive board of Price Hill Will.

“I am living my dream because I’ve always wanted to be a Community Outreach Coordinator, so now that’s what I am doing. And I’m getting paid to do what I love to do, so it’s not like work.”

When asked what words of advice Kathy has for people considering coming to Santa Maria, she says, “Just come. Come. It’s a wonderful organization; that’s what they’re here for, because they want to help people change their lives. That’s their purpose.”