Santa Maria Community Services provides free job-readiness training to low-income individuals in an effort to develop a community in which citizens improve their lives and neighborhoods through economic opportunity. The employment services provide career exploration, job search coaching, resume and cover letter development, job application assistance, interviewing skills instruction, job placement, job retention counseling and intensive case management for economically disadvantaged young men and women age 16+.  Supportive services such as access to interview clothes and transportation assistance may be available to assist job seekers. Additionally, paid work experience opportunities and access to Individual Training Account (ITA), funds to pay for in-demand career training programs, may be available for 16-24-year-old youth who qualify.

The fundamental premise behind our mission and purpose is to use career advancement to break generational cycles of poverty. Santa Maria seeks to develop character and civic responsibility within those who participate in our programs through positive interactions and relationship building with staff and volunteers. Our services will provide opportunities for economic advancement, career exploration and self-actualization while boosting the quality of people’s lives to move from hardship to self-sufficiency and committing to inspire individuals to Work, Learn, and Grow.

Our Workforce Coaches work with individuals on job readiness, job applications, and job search resources, and coach them through job placement, retention and career advancement. Coaching is one-on-one, as well as in workshop and group settings.

Financial Opportunity Center
2918 Price Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45204
Phone: 513-587-6920
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