Bilingual Client Hours & Notary Services

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Description: Bilingual services available to the public Current Schedule due to COVID-19: Call for an appointment. Normal Schedule: Tuesdays 9- 2pm; Thursdays 1-4pm Contact: Luz Elena Schemmel | 513-557-7207 | Location: East Price Hill, 3301 Warsaw Avenue

Mental Health Counseling

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Description: Santa Maria offers weekly mental health counseling to clients. Current Schedule due to COVID-19: Call for an appointment Normal Schedule: Wednesdays Notes: Clients must make an appointment to participate; Spanish-speaking clients must request an interpreter. Contact: Luz Elena Schemmel | 513-557-7207 … Continued

Rent Wise: Tenant Education

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Description: Information on housing and renting properties. Topics Covered: Budgeting & Affordable Housing Finding & Applying for Housing Tenant/Landlord Rights & Responsibilities Home Care & Managing Utilities Highlights: evictions, leases, landlords, subsidized housing, conditions issues Current Schedule due to COVID-19: Classes … Continued

Women’s Group/Coffee Hour

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Description: Empowering women; Share and learn parenting tips, connect to community resources, improve your personal safety, build friendships and learn about healthy relationships in a safe and confidential space. Educational, community support group. Discusses health, wellness, finances and parenting; encourages participants to … Continued